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Waterland Organics;

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Waterland Organics , a brief introduction ......

Waterland Organics is a small family run business . Our main businesses are organic vegetable  and fruit production .We sell fruit and vegetables wholesale and we also run a vegetable box scheme CSA in and around Cambridge and have been doing this in one form or other since 1994 .We farm on our little farm in the fen , Willow Farm which nestles between National Trust land and the Polo pitches of Cambs County Polo Club . We are members of the Seed Cooperative for which we produce organic flower and vegetable  seed .  We also have two CSA projects on the farm; one  with a group from Transition Cambridge called  Cambridge Cropshare and our own Waterland CSA  veg shares.

                                                              Paul and Doreen Robinson .


September 30th start shares available now !