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Waterland Organics;

People Powered , Nature Driven ....



What happens if  I cancel a delivery ?

On signing up you wil have 3 options .

1. Donate the bag to Foodcycle ; we will arrange delivery of this .

2. Transfer it to a neighbour / nearby friend.

3. In unusual cases, we will work with you to find a solution if you need to skip a delivery.  But we encourage you to sign up to the flexi option if you plan to be away


Is delivery extra ?

No , it is free of charge .


What about if there is a vegetable I don't like ?

On signing up, if you choose a 9 item opotion,you can elect to exclude one type of vegetable . Depending on the time of year ,you will be given a replacement or more of something else. This is not available for the 6 item opotion; sorry!


How do I pay ?

You pay by PAYPAL or card at our SHOP . If you want to use another method to pay, let us know [email protected]


Can I visit the farm before I sign up?

You can visit the farm by signing up through our partner Cambridge CropShare.


Can I try it for a bit before signing up for the season  ?

You can try our 4 delivery pack or you'd like to get to know us and our produce before signing up at all, consider coming along to a CropShare day.