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Hello , I am Paul , founder of Waterland Organics. For over 20 years now I have been growing organically in the Cambridgeshire Fens .  The journey has been long but has not finished . Hopefully , this blog will give you an insight into what do and the place where we do it ; It's grimness and its equisite beauty

Winter of Discontent

By pauljonathan, Feb 5 2018 09:35PM

It's hard to believe how quick the seasons change ; autumn quickly became winter and now I feel winter slipping through my fingers and spring peaking at me just over the horizon . As usual, many of those jobs I longed to do in the Summer but knew would have be down in the winter have not been done . Like most farmers , I anguish over the things I have not accomplished and forget about those I have ; as I get older my levels of pessimism and cynicism increase exponentially . In short , I am becoming one of those old fen farmers that I used to see in my youth . There most common phrase was 'that'll never work!' and sometimes , it didn't . On a good day when they were feeling upbeat , that might announce , in a fit of optimism that ; 'you're getting there!.....slowly' . I have, as yet not succumbed to an old raincoat tied up with baler twine . As yet, I have not turned the top of my wellingtons over, I don't wear an oil soaked cap at a jaunty angle and I only rarely tie plastic bags over my legs on rainy days. So maybe there is still a smouldering ember of hope in my fen fire of despair.

But , as I age in an era of farmers leaving the land in droves and the average age of a farmer increasing yearly , I start to feel like a has been bare knuckle fighter; a feared champion of yesteryear , but now , in my declining years , having suffered many a knock out fear that my best days are behind me. My aching elbow , inflexible right knee , painful right hand and failing energy levels do nothing to heighten my mood but this punch drunk fighter will still approach the ring 'for just one more shot at the title' deep down I feel , as I always feel , that this season will be different . The sun climbs ever higher in the sky , sap soars from the warming earth into the topmost branches of the tallest trees pulling my waning spirit with it and slowly I again start to believe that this season will be the one where everything works out right ; this season our little farm in the fens will once again overflow with the goodness and bounty of this good earth.

Farmer Paul.

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